Extra-Curricular Activities

We proud ourselves in building young talented minds.

Our extensive list of clubs, after-school lessons, and additional classes provides children with the ideal foundation for self-guided learning.

1. Skating Club

“Join our Skating Club and roll your way into excitement and fitness! Glide through life with the wind in your hair as we teach you the art of balance, speed, and grace on wheels.”

2. Chess Club

“Unlock your inner genius in our Chess Club. Embark on mind-bending adventures across the chessboard, where strategy is your secret weapon. Checkmate boredom and make strategic friendships!”

3. Open Arts Club

“Immerse yourself in a world of choreographed movements, gymnastics, ballet and endless creativity in our Open Arts Club. Unleash your creativity, from idea to beauty, and let your imagina- tion run wild.”

4. Robotics Club

“Get ready to build the future with our Robotics Club. Dive into a world of wires and wonder, where you’ll create, program, and compete with the robots of tomorrow.”

5. 4K Club

“Join the 4K Club, where we cultivate not just crops but brilliant young minds in agribusiness. Learn to sow success, reap knowledge, and farm your way to a bright future.”

6. Scouts

“Adventure awaits in our Scouts Club. Discover the great outdoors, conquer challenges, and kindle your leadership skills. It’s a journey of self-discovery in the wilderness.”

7. Sign Language Club

“Speak without words in our Sign Language Club. Break down barriers and dive into the art of gestures, building bridges of communication and empathy.”

8. Swimming Club

“Dive into a pool of fun and fitness in our Swimming Club. Learn strokes, boost confidence, and ride the waves of health and happiness. Make a splash!”

9. Dance Club

“Step into rhythm and unleash your inner dancer in our Dance Club. From hip-hop to ballet, express yourself on the dance floor and turn life into a never-ending performance.”

10. Tae-Kwon-Do

“Channel discipline and strength with Tae-Kwon-Do. Discover the art of self-defence and leader- ship, where respect is earned, and kicks pack a punch on the path to black belt excellence.”